Lanterns Court - Gymnasium




The Lanterns Court Gymnasium was opened in early January of 2013 and is located within the ground floor of Cobalt Point and accessed via a separate entrance off Lanterns Way. The gymnasium is provided for the residents living within Denison House, Cobalt Point and Trinity Tower only as the Lessees of these buildings pay for this facility within their Service Charge. Residents from other buildings are not permitted to use the facilities.


The Lanterns Court Gymnasium is open every day between 6:00am and 10:00pm. In order to be able to use the gym all Residents are required to undertake an induction through company called Motive8 who can be contacted on 020 8481 9700 or 0800 028 0198.


The Gymnasium is provided with TechnoGym equipment as below:

  • Dual Adjustable Pulley x 1
  • Cross Trainer x 3
  • Recline Bike x 1
  • Normal Bike x 1
  • Spinner Bike x 2
  • Treadmill x 4
  • Exercise Mats x 4
  • Exercise Balls x 3
  • Rowing Machine x 2
  • Arm Curl x 1
  • Low Row x 1
  • Pectoral Machine x 1
  • Leg extension x 1
  • Leg curl x 1
  • Vertical Traction x 1
  • Shoulder Press x 1
  • Chest Press x 1

  • Movable Benches x 2
  • Dumbbells, pairs of (kg): 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5, 30, 32.5

TechnoGym is a world leader in the design of fitness equipment for private homes, fitness clubs, hotels, spas, rehabilitation centres, corporate gyms, universities, professional sports facilities and beyond.

In addition to the exercise equipment there are three Television receivers with Freeview channels, a water fountain and two toilets.

Terms & Conditions


1. Parties & Membership

a) In these Rules ‘the company’ means The Estate Management, which provides the operation of the facilities: ‘the club’ means the fitness facility within the development, operated by ‘The Estate Staff’ through the Estate Management Office on behalf of the Management Company: ‘Member’ means a resident, tenant, guest or any other authorised user of the facility: ‘Rules’ mean the Terms and Conditions of the membership set out below; ‘Induction form’ means the compulsory form required before use of the facility: ‘The Manager’ means the Duty Manager appointed by the Company to control the day to day running of the club.

b) It is a condition of membership that Members agree to be bound by these rules.

c) The rules may be revoked, altered or added to from time to time by the Company or The Estate Staff without prior notification to the members. Any variations will be posted on the Club notice board.

d) At all times, the Company in conjunction with the Estate Staff reserve the right to refuse entry to the club.


2. Membership and Fees

a) Members using the gym must be at least 18 years of age, unless given prior permission by the Company in conjunction with the Estate Staff.

b) Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable, unless there is written agreement to the contrary.

c) Any ancillary services and products (personal training etc) can only be used with the authority of the Company.


3. Membership Cards/Devices

a) Membership cards/devices must not be lent or used by another person other than Members themselves. If any person other than a Member uses a membership/device, that Member’s membership may be terminated and no refunds of the subscription will be given. Membership cards/devices remain the property of the Company at all times and must be returned to the Estate Staff upon termination of residence/Membership. The club reserves the right to charge a fee for the replacement of a lost membership card/device.


4. Guests

a) Guests of members may only be admitted to the club with the permission of the Estate Staff.

b) Guests will only be admitted provided they are accompanied by a Member and they have read these Terms and Conditions and signed the induction papers, unless given permission by the Estate Staff.

c) Members are responsible for ensuring that their Guests complete the induction and are aware of, and adhere to the Club Rules.

d) The Estate Staff reserve the right to refuse admission to any Guest without explanation.

e) Members may not bring personal trainers who have not been authorised by the Company into the Club.


5. Use of the Club’s facilities

a) The Club’s opening hours are fixed by the Company in conjunction with the Estate Staff and are subject to change without prior notice.

b) The Company may at any time close the Club’s premises or any part thereof, without notice, in order to execute repairs, alterations, re-decorations or otherwise.

c) It is the Member’s or Guests’ responsibility to ensure they are capable of undergoing any activity within the Club. All activities are taken at the Member’s or Guests’ risk.

d) Suitable attire, as determined by the Company, must be worn at all times while using the club facilities (specifically jeans are not permitted when working out, footwear must be worn). Members are requested to wear appropriate clean footwear within the fitness areas. All footwear must be enclosed (no sandals etc)

e) Use of fitness areas and other Club facilities is at the Member’s or Guests’ own risk under their own medical advice.

f) Alcohol is not permitted in any area of the Club.

g) Member’s and Guests’ shall not use the Club’s facilities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In the event they do so it is entirely at their own risk. It is the policy of the Company to remove membership immediately under these circumstances.

h) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the club. i) Mobile phones are not permitted within the Club.

j) In the interests of safety, no glass container may be taken in to any fitness areas or changing areas.

k) Members should comply with written guidelines, posted within the Club, regarding the use of Club facilities.

l) Members are requested to arrive for appointments in good time.

m) A member of the Estate Staff or other authorised instructor may refuse entry, or may ask any Member to leave the Club if they feel their, or another’s safety or enjoyment is in jeopardy.

n) All fees for ancillary services (treatments, classes etc) and products are payable in advance.

o) Members are not permitted to start, conduct or continue personal disputes within the premises. Any verbal or physical confrontations must be conducted away from the premises or members will be subject to suspension and/or possible ban with no recourse. p) The club considers the removal of all Club/Company property (including but not limited to: towels and equipment, etc) without the express permission from the Estate Staff theft. Any such acts and/or improper behaviour will be subject to suspension and/or possible ban with no recourse and could lead to criminal prosecution. q) For reasons of health and safety all members and guests must abide by the following:

  • To ensure that consumption of food and beverages remain outside the Club, other than exercise fluids ii) During peak hours the Estate Staff reserve the right to restrict the duration of use of the equipment.

  • Club hours: Club facilities will close 20 minutes before the Club closes. The Company reserves the right to vary these opening times. During a bank or public holiday, special hours may apply.

  • Members must be aware that there will be no specific staff on duty at any time.


6. Data Protection

a) It is necessary for the purpose of providing you with the advice and support in relation to our facilities to hold certain data concerning your identity, contact details and general health on files. By signing the Induction forms you are expressly consenting to the Company having authority to keep this data for the duration of your membership to assist us in providing you with the best possible service. For the avoidance of any doubt, by signing the Induction form you are not affecting any of your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998.

b) Members should be aware, that for reasons of safety there may be cameras fitted.


7. Liability

a) Neither the Estate Staff nor the Company will accept the responsibility for any damage or loss to Member’s or Guests’ personal property brought on to the Club’s’ premises.

b) Members purchase all ancillary products and services at their own risk and the Company does not accept responsibility for any personal items that are damaged, lost or otherwise affected during the course of using or consuming any such product or service.

c) All activities and treatments are taken at the Member’s or Guests’ own risk.

d) Neither the Club, the Company or their servants and agents shall be liable for personal injury sustained by Members or Guests whilst on the Clubs’ premises, except in so far as it can be proven that this relates to the wilful act, neglect or default of the Company or the Estate Staff or any of their servants or agents. Members or Guests who suffer an accident or injury on the Club premises must report the accident or injury, and the circumstances in which it occurred, to the Estate Staff immediately following the accident or injury.

e) Members and Guests must warranty and represent that they are in good physical condition and capable of doing exercise; if through injury or other reason, such as pregnancy, this is not the case, they must consult a doctor before engaging in exercise.

f) The Company reserves the right for the Estate Staff to refuse the use of the facilities unless accompanied by written authority from the member’s or guest’s GP.


8. Cancellation and Suspension of Membership

a) In all cases, the Company/Estate Staff reserve the right to cancel/suspend the membership of any member who is found in contradiction of these Terms and Conditions. Any discrepancies may be made in writing to the Company.

b) By signing the Disclaimer the member has read the Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by them whilst using the Club, and understands that any action contrary to the Terms and Conditions may result in removal of membership to the Club.