Parking Jeopardy near Lanterns Court Continuous
Written by Concierge   
Sunday, 25 March 2012 09:52

Think twice before leaving your vehicle on a double yellow line!

Parking on Yellow Line Canary Wharf

Following our previous article Parking Jeopardy near Lanterns Court we would like to continue this topic as we still see vehicles parked on yellow lines in Millharbour and consequently being issued with parking tickets. The picture displayed to the left has been taken today outside of Cobalt Point. All three cars in the foreground have been issued with fines and who would have thought that on Sunday morning!

We would like to take this opportunity and suggest that if you or your visitor need to park a vehicle but you are not sure where then please contact our on duty Concierge who will advise you of your alternative from parking on a double yellow line.

The third car (silver Jeep) at the back is also obstructing the view for our residents as they approach the road from the exit ramp when leaving the car park therefore it is rather difficult to feel sympathy for the person who parked it there.


ADVISE to Residents as well as visitors:

  • Do not leave your vehicle on double yellow lines - they indicate a prohibition of waiting and parking at any time
  • If parking on a yellow line see 'Information signs' and 'Road markings' informing about the times of operation
  • If parking in a Pay & Display bay make sure you actually pay and display your receipt clearly behind the windscreen
  • If there is no space left in Pay & Display bays seek further advise at the main Concierge Desk in Denison House