green environment

Part of the design for Lanterns Court was to build a site which would not only be an easily accessible development consisted of blocks of flats but also to bring fresh touch of the nature within communal areas. The foot path outside of Trinity Tower benefits from trees in beddings full of soil with bark chippings on top. There are plants and flowers growing out of flower borders outside of Denison House, Cobalt Point and Westwood House. In addition, there is a large flower bedding in the Barton Mews Courtyard at the back of Cobalt Point. Last but not least, there are two raised lawns at the back of Denison House.


Additionally, there is a small park by the river called Sir John McDougal Gardens which can be reached by walk in about five minutes. Also, there are two large parks - Madchute Park and Millwall Park - which could serve as great places for a jog in the morning or an afternoon walk. Those of you who would like to taste a little bit of a countryside life, can stop by the Mudchute Animal Farm which also has a horse riding school.