Lanterns Court - Parking for Residents




Parking Permit SampleThe underground car park at Lanterns Court comprises of 299 parking spaces which are offered for residents only. If you are not sure if there is a parking space allocated to your flat, please check your tenancy agreement (or your lease if you are the owner). If still in doubt you can always contact us in order to confirm.

If there is a parking space allocated to your flat, you will need to apply for a parking permit. You can do that by filling out the Parking Permit Request form available at the front desk in Denison House.

Failing to display a valid parking permit could result in a parking fine of £60. We aim to ensure that nobody occupies your parking space, therefore please understand that this system has been designed for all the people who have the right to keep their vehicles within the car park.


lanterns way e14

There is no parking in Lanterns Way by the entrance to the car park. The only time when you can stop there is for drop off & pick-up and only if the vehicle is not obstructing the two entrance shutters.


Other car parking facilities near the development are the Pay & Display bays in Millharbour to the front of Cobalt Point and Westwood House.


Please be advised that signs make it clear that by parking there you have agree to pay £60. In order to avoid being issued with a parking ticket, ensure that you speak to the Concierge before leaving your vehicle unattended.


The maximum height of a vehicle in the car park is recommended at 6 ft 73 inches or  1,85 meters and the width of the entrance gate is  8 ft or 2,24 meters.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.